Baby wearing babies!

I've recently designed a line of colorful doll slings for little berry to wear her "babies" in as she's reached the weight that it's difficult for ME to wear HER comfortably in the ring sling. We still take out the ErgoCarrier fairly regularly when she needs cuddles, but I've found that letting her wear her toys reassures her and comforts her in many of the same ways as being worn by me or her papa.
I don't have them in my shop yet, although they are being carried in a local natural children's store here now, but I am offering them as a pre-sale to my online friends for $16 shipped in the US. These would make very sweet birthday or winter holiday gifts for the littles in your life, so if you're interested, let me know. I currently have quite a few orders, which is wonderful (both for me and the littles lucky enough to get them as gifts!) but if you order before October Tenth I will have them to you in time for the Holidays! <3
They are very soft, extremely lightweight gauzy hand dyed cotton ring slings and you can currently choose yellow, green, purple, pink, or blue.
>>Only intended for toddlers to wear their dolls and not human babies or live alligators.<<

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  1. It would be so hard to keep the alligators out though. ;) Love these, totally cute and I so like that they are hand dyed. How fun!


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