Library find: Fox by Kate Banks

Today at the library we found this beautiful book called Fox by Kate Banks& Little Berry fell right away in love with it. Foxes have been THE Animal of fascination for several months now for her& this is one of the loveliest we've found in Children's Fiction about foxes.
The story follows a newborn fox (who is even shown nursing! :) as he grows up&eventually leaves his den&mama&papa fox behind. Most children love to ask for things they can't have& this fox is no different., but the beautiful illustrations that look like oil paintings-and insight into fox-ness is sweet. It shows them gathering fruit&berries, burying them, running through the forest, and playing in the river.
Overall, it was a lovely find& I wish I had better pics but we were so busy enjoying it I forgot to snap one until we were leaving.
Next time you're at your local library you should pick it up or request it if your littles are into foxes. Which leads me to my question:

What are your littles into these days?