Let's call her baby starbucks

How to make the best cup of coffee, a story in pictures by little berry.
First turn on dada's coffee mach-masha-mashene.

Are you paying attention? It's this belly button right here. Don't touch those other belly buttons.

Hey! Look at me. I'm trying to show you something!

Now get some more coffee. Dada says you can't ever use too much.

Pour some in the cup.

Check and make sure you got it in there, alright?

Now stir it around so it looks pretty. Mamma says it smells like poop.

Hmmmm. What am I forgetting....?

Oh, some magnets would be yummy. Let's add those. Mamma says that's a no-no, but I think it's a yes-yes!

Now taste it to make sure it's yummy. Sometimes the magnets don't dissolve very well.

Yep! It's good. We sure did make it yummy! Those magnets give it a real earthy flavor.

*no coffee was harmed in the making of this post. Thanks for dropping by!