What makes you afraid? Fills your chest up tight with dread? Is it death? Spiders? Mold? Is it being alone, the dark, deep water?

I'm afraid of driving. I suppose specifically I'm afraid of *getting lost* while driving. Yesterday I wanted a frappuchino, but instead of getting in my car and driving down the street, I walked with little berry. In the heat, for two and a half miles! Just for a cold coffee drink, then two and a half miles back. Imagine what I'd do for groceries!
I've been trying to untangle my fear. I'm not afraid when I know exactly how to get where I want to go. But I'm afraid somehow I will miss a turn and not know exactly where I am
anymore. Before little berry, I was adventurous. I would drive to see pappa starbucks in the big city, I would take wrong turns just to see where I wound up. I've always been terrible with directions but this is ridiculous. It feels suffocating. Confining! There's this big huge fun city at my feet and I am going to
learn my way around.
So tell me. What are you afraid of? And what are you going to do to start overcoming it?

- mamma pie