We will see:

We got a final interview with the teaching program that's so competitive. Yay, and sigh because for a job I don't even know if we will get it sure is requiring a lot of energy!



Me: holding Cuppycake on my hip and waiting for Pappa Starbucks to pay for purchases
Rude Lady: "Awww, she's so cute!!"
Me: "Thanks!" To Cuppycake, who is 'flirting'- smiling at the lady "Are you making a new friend? "
RL: "How tiny! I don't even see any teeth yet! How old is she?"
Me: Switching hips "Almost 6 months."
RL: Pointing directly at my waist "And you're already expecting another one?"
Me: Eyebrows shooting upwards "What? No WAY."
RL: "Oh, it's just, you look pregnant. I didn't know if it was possible with her being so little still. "
Me: !!!!!!!!