Anticipating Halloween

I love Halloween. When I was little, we never celebrated it. But as a mom myself, I enjoy decorating for, preparing treats for, and especially, making costumes for Halloween. Little Berry wants to be a "Pirate Prarie Dog" this Halloween. I'm not sure how I'm pulling that one off yet, but I WILL try!
And I've been making costumes for my etsy shop-there are pirate costumes, dinosaur costumes, animal tails, and a very sweet fairy costume over there.
I love making costumes because they just *feel* magical somehow.
Last year we were all the Three Bears (that was really fun& memorable!) the year before that, we dressed up as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Little Berry was the CUTEST special agent ever.


Acorns are for the birds!

Earlier this week, little berry asked me to draw a beak and eyes on an acorn. I didn't really think much about it& told her I would do it later, and then today she asked again, so I did as she asked. Then I went about my day. A bit later, I came upon her playing with her acorn bowl at the nature table- actually it's bare besides the acorns she grabbed outside and a found feather for now.
It turns out she is pretending the acorns are birds- and the acorn caps are bird nests. Big acorns are the mommy&daddy birds, little acorns are baby birds. Some acorns are eggs. It seems to be arbitrarily decided.
I think this is a hilarious, creative, and super fun idea.
The birds love to fly around our apartment and I've seen a few in places I'm not particularly fond of (the refrigerator: "it's an egg, mama!") but it is harmless and she's having a great time so I can't complain.
What creative uses have you heard of for acorns?