Smoley Hokes!

Today marked something really big for me, something I almost didn't even see happening because of all the stress things happening around here.
Today I had my last day of classes in college. Tomorrow is Pappa Starbucks' last.
I am the first person in my family to finish college, and I am SO so glad to be finished with it. I really failed to enjoy the last two semesters and honestly can't believe I made it through with a newborn.
Graduation is May 10th, but we're not going because, well, have you tried graduating in this economy? No? Well, things ain't pretty.
Teach For America wait-listed dear ol' Pappa Starbucks, and as it turns out, that waitlist has gotten very long these days.
Our lease is up May 1st and our exams aren't over until the 4th so we can't exactly do anything. But we have to be out of our apt.
It's not that bad though. We're optimistic that something will work out on all fronts. On another note, I broke a toe (a TOE!) today because I am c-lumsy. And since I haven't been to the Dr. yet...I'm off to take some Tylenol PM's!


Mamma Pie