Pappa Starbucks and I have been fixing
up my convertible Sebring for the past month
-it's one of those articles remaining from my oh- so
bygone days of:
watching other people's kids
until the wee hours without minding it,
cute handbags to carry MY things in,
and truly belongs underneath the couch alongside all my
other 'personal effects' -move over, broken sunglass frames!
Our move,
the trip to Europe-
it necessitates finding somewhere else
for the car because well,
we can't take it with us.
We've put probably about $700
into the repairs: brand new tires,
oil change, cosmetic repairs.
Today he is selling it to the first
looker who is planning on driving
it to Florida and selling it for twice
what he is paying us. Pappa Starbucks
came down
$300 on the price
and the guy wants us to meet him with
it at the Sears repair shop,
'cause he wants us
to put a new battery in,
and for us to pay for it.
It was listed as AS IS.
And we are due to be
out of our apartment by 8am tomorrow.
Not a single box is ready to go
because all we have done
is carcarcarcarcarcarcarcar.
Pappa Starbucks has been running
around since yesterday
(he took it to Car Max to try to sell it
...his name wasn't on the title
so it was a wasted afternoon)
dealing with these things and
I am frustrated because we
have put so much energy
and money into it.
It would have been better
to have just listed it before without
doing all the work and made the same
amount of money off of it.
And we would have had our time
And then maybe we wouldn't have to stay
up until FREEKIN 2 AM
tonight loading a UHAUL.
And believe it or not, it's not that I
am upset about the car being gone
(not comfortable with putting a baby in it)
it's just that I want my
two days back.
I am just so damn tired
of the way he does things at the last minute.


Oh what sprinting days are these

Our lease is up in our apartment Thursday. We are tired and overworked- we have exams all this week and we are missing our graduation, which is really a relief. Add to that the fact that there are no jobs here, we are happy to shovel food in our mouths once a day for all the bustle around here, and our scholarship trip to Europe is falling to the side of our to-plan list.
I am running on empty and my temper is short.
So I am going to focus on other things until we get all of this arranged- like actually putting those boxes together. And breaking out the sharpies :)