not one, but two

I forgot to share this yesterday. Sunday when we went out to do our regular grocery shopping, I had just given Little Berry a bath. Around here, that's quite an undertaking because she has such dry skin and hair. It's a constant battle to keep her healthily moisturized. She LOVES washing herself in the tub but letting her use soap is problematic. I have yet to find a soap that truly moisturizes her skin, let's not even talk about her hair. If you know of one that is great for biracial skin, especially babies, preferably one that has lots of olive oil in it, please let me know!
Lately I've just been giving her the tub with water in it and a little bit of Mr.Bubbles to play in and then after she's played for a while I get her hair wet and then I rub olive oil on her scalp. About a tablespoon but she doesn't have much hair so it doesn't take much.
Anyway, Sunday right before we left she was getting out of the tub and I decided to try a new hairdo. So far she has only had enough hair for a single little pony tail.

See it there? That tiny little wisp on top of her head?

And Sunday, just when I had given up hope forever,

I was able to wrangle her into TWO piggytails.It was a proud moment for me.


A few little things

Just wanted to stop in and leave a little update over here while Little Berry is napping. The holidays were stressing me out this year, and Pappa Starbucks has had too much going on himself so we've declared it over. Pretty much. We bought little berry one toy (Which I would recommend to anyone, seriously, she has played with it SO much already- but more about it later) and we've gone ahead and given it to her. Pappa Starbucks bought gits for his employer and their children and I made this wonderful, fabulous, fun bows for them out of some felt that my MIL gave me.

I had so much fun making these bows! Instructions over here although I didn't follow these, I just cut and stitched and winged it. They worked out fabulously. The second one I made was a little different, I simply cut circles and then made cuts toward the center of the circle and stacked them on one another to make a poofy effect. He was surprisingly pleased with them- he usually doesn't like the results of my projects too much!
I also made some more babies lately and had my first sale in my etsy shop. This was pretty exciting for me.

We were at Trader Joe's yesterday and an employee came up to us and gave Little Berry a balloon (she calls them blublublub's, seriously, every time that's what she says)...here she is playing with it this morning. She loves it. And I need to sneak down and throw it out while she's napping because we are not exactly balloon friendly over here.
Alright, I'm off to make more things clean. Hope you are enjoying the holidaze.