We are...

I've been terribly, dreadfully sick all week. It started with the cold to end all colds, combined with one massive midterm covering 300 pages of poetry that we were supposed to know the title, author, and memorize a line from each of. It combined with a gigantic fight, a sick baby, and an ongoing case of thrush, as well as the news that Teach for America doesn't want to hire me at all. And Pappa Starbucks got waitlisted, because the district he chose (their HIGH NEEDS district this year--) doesn't have the money budget yet. There may, or may not, be room for him. We have a plan B, a very nice, appealing plan B for now. Unless that plan B turns into a nasty, ugly, awful mess, we may take it.
But I'm better now. Thanks for askin'. I know you waited here all week to see if I came to write, so I'd hate to disappoint you anymore, so here's what I want to know"
If you're in a long-term, committed relationship, at which point did you meet the extended family? We're heading to Wrightsville Beach to meet the Aunts, the Uncles, the Cousins, the Grandmother....this weekend. When my family is together, we're the quiet type. We sit and drink hot cocoa and eat dinner together, we play a board game or two or read a book out loud, but his family?
Well, I've been told they're Rip-roarin', crazy-talkin' and that it's going to be a madhouse. They all talk at once, he says. It's always a cacophony of arguing, joking, laughing, fun-time's having brothers and sisters.
Oh, boy. Little berry will LOVE it.