We went for a hike in Boulder at the very popular Chatauqua park- this was probably one of the busiest outdoor parks/hiking trails we've been on yet. It was an easy-moderate hike which Little Berry did just fine along side us except for a few spots where the trail was icy.
It was also very popular with dog owners, and since we had our dog Oreo along too there was much tail wagging&sniffing happening during the hike.
Boulder has an off leash dog tag you can purchase if you prove your dog is under voice command, but we always just stick with him on-leash as it seems safer than having to worry about something happening. Less fun for him I'm sure, but I think safety rules.
There was some tree climbing by Mr.T, and sunshine soaking by all of us.



Some friends of ours left their pups with us for the weekend. The dogs were friendly, (if a bit noisy), funny, and had so much personality (more so than some people I know!) and Little Berry was in loooove. Their smallest dog, Milo, would snuggle up in her laps& let her do whatever she wanted to him (including dress him up) and their biggest dog, Jewley, looooved treats- I think Little Berry probably fed her a whole box full while they were here!
We have a dog ourselves, but he's definitely no puppy and this absolutely made her day. It was well worth the extra walks and noise to see her enjoying herself so much!