You've got to check this out ...

Wow you have to check out this giveaway Noah and Lilah GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!. Those skirts are SO precious and I can't imagine the thrill I would have of winning...but here's hoping I do. Little berry spends more days dressed as a boy than I like to admit, so we could sure use it.



We made it to the pumpkin patch with the little one. We're in a neighborhood that's not all that festive but we've made an effort, and have a front door that looks ready to greet the hordes. Little Berry loved the pumpkins and kept trying to make off with them all. We haven't carved them yet but it will be done! It will!
It was a bit of an impromptu trip and as such we layered on almost anything we could find and don't look quite the part. I think they would look well in black and white but will enjoy these for now.

It's finally justifiable to say things like "we had roasted squash for dinner last night" and "I am so ready for a cup of tea"

In fact, as I sit here typing this, children scatter back and forth in front of our steps nearly dying from excitement and anticipation, the fireplace is going with a sleeping Little Berry in front of it, and my toes are a teensy bit nippy.



In July I enjoyed a week with my two best nieces. They are wonderful girls, full of energy and always up for something creative. We immediately installed a blanket fort in the main bedroom

created a terrarium for random found turtles (and got a bad case of chiggers in the process)

hunted rocks (and made quite a splash!)

then painted them with elaborate scenes...(miniatures courtesy of the local thrift store)

played with buttons

admired a giant moth

and a teensy inchworm

and relaxed with some very chilly homemade blackberry icecream.

It was wonderful!


One weekend during the summer, Pappa Starbucks informed me as we were out and about, that he was going to run by the carwash. I grew up on scrub-your-own carwashes, and thought nothing of it.
Ten minutes later, I realized we were being lathered up from beyond at an automatic carwash.

Little Berry did not like it one bit. The thumping, whacking sounds of something hitting our car? The gushing water? She immediately began flipping out.

We reassured her with lots of Trader Joe's bbq chips,

and music.

By the time it was over, she was ready to go again.



Lately I've been doing more creating than anything else. Mostly for Little Berry who seems to appreciate my energy thank goodness. These are for her:

I am also working on some projects for the Etsy Shop I've been dying to open for quite a while. Here's the product of my efforts:

I call her Ellen. She's been naughty and got into the Halloween candy again, as evidenced by her burgeoning waist.

Hopefully there will be as much enthusiasm for them from others as my little one has given me. I find that sewing is really great entertainment for those days I'm stuck inside with my wee babe.