One lucky girl...

A conversation with Pappa Starbucks last night-
Me: Hey could you come in here for a minute?
PS: Mrmhmm
Me: *waiting....*
PS: Whatcha want?
Me: Can you sit with her (the baby) so's I can brush my teeth tonight? I've been too busy to brush them most nights this week....
PS: Sure. *sits down with her*
You know, I've been trying to do more things for you. It's like making foreplay part of everyday life.
Me: *Blink* What?
PS: You know, like letting you brush your teeth!


And I didn’t even DO a bracket

There are 50 port-a potties lining the street of our small town. Traffic police, the fire marshal, all local fire-fighters and trucks, as well as many visible paramedics are available, on call, and many are actively trying to prevent fights, and respond to emergencies, injuries. Some will be poised later tonight to put out fires that will be lit in the streets, and police will stand by to arrest anyone seen lighting fires in an attempt to control the riotous crowd, the volume of which is rising already. Thousands of people are raising their voices tonight, flooding this small town with a volume of united energy.

No, it's not a Take Back the Night event on astronomical proportions. Instead, our school is in the last game of the basketball season tonight. I've heard the loud, loud neighbors for weeks now, listening to the games, I've waded through traffic on Franklin Street during game days, or pushed through traffic to get to Baby's R Us to buy some more diapers while everyone scrambles around in their lovely, very clean and pressed Carolina Blue. And yes, I capitalized those on purpose. Mornings after big games, my professors offer a range of excuses for us in the classroom. Our transgressions against the text are forgiven because our team won. In one class I was in, students led presentations on some aspect of the literature we covered. One student group interviewed a leading basketball player who just happened to be sitting in the pit- they were the only team to receive an A. The noise level here is astounding. And though I am usually annoyed by the enthusiasm that my fellow peers have for the home team, I also understand that this sport allows many things and provides much business to this small town. However, as Pappa Starbucks pointed out, we're holding down our small fort with a babe who received a super does of vaccines today in anticipation for our trip to Europe.
And though I anticipate no emergency requiring us to plow through Franklin Street during the last minutes of the game when intoxicated students jump through rubbish fires and attempt to catch themselves on fire, and fortunately Little Berry's fever seems to be under control, but I will certainly enjoy the blanket excuse from doing my required readings, thank you very much. Especially since the volume of my neighbors? It's not even at its' maximum yet.