This post is for you, "pappa starbucks"

My question is this...how are you going to find time to read my blog, what with all the election drama?
I mean, seriously. We all saw that debate last night, and I am sure you have the transcripts playing on your Mac right now, but what I don't get is why you enjoy it so much, over and over and over.
You listen to the NPR rundown of the debate. Then you turn on Hardball. And then, after that skit is over.... you watch the Daily Show.
With all that time you spend watching the same debate clips, over and over....and over...you could have really, I don't know, maybe have learned how to do advanced rocket engine science?
Just kidding.
But seriously, I am intrigued by your constant pursuit for political information, and yet you claim you can't stand being right in the middle of it. Most Americans, right now, either LOVE Sarah Palin and her "hand-licking bandits,"
or they don't. And you, despite LOVING politics, and despite being amazingly smart when it comes to economics, you haven't decided who you're voting for yet.

And while politics are a very edgy subject with most Americans, you like to dive right in, and show what you know. You came home every day last week telling me about the Mortgage crisis, and the bail out, and the way that Wall-Street works, and why we should KEEP OUR MONEY IN THE BANKS even though banks are failing, left and right.
Because, despite how aggravating you are, and the fact that you think MY breastfeeding OUR DAUGHTER is embarrassing, I am honestly, quite amazed with how dang smart you really are when it comes to all of this.

Love you,

Mamma Pie