She's the sneeziest

Little berry has allergies. She's a red eyed, stuffy nosed, dark under eye circle-mouth-breathing mess. It's been this way on and off for most of the past three months. At first I though she had a ridiculous and persistent sinus infection, but now I'm more than certain. She's not sick but allergic. I'm frustrated by the lack of choices to help her. She still will not breathe through her nose while she nurses, something that has persisted over the past two months. TWO MONTHS of "latch on, suckle, unlatch, gasp for air, relatch..."
I've tried everything in the world. I've had help now from over fifty different people, I even requested a lovely lady to do Reiki to help her relax. But she's doing it out of self preservation. She just can't hardly breathe. I am disinclined to use a prescription for it not only because we've tried that with no relief (although I do recognize that we may have to try a new RX if I can't relieve her symptoms any other way). I don't want to medicate her if I don't know what's going on in her body. I am interested to know: what do you do to relieve a very young child's allergies naturally?


One more word about that

It's that time of year that everyone is bragging about their garden. We live in a very small apartment in a big city in North Carolina.
There are CSA's and farmers markets and produce stands and food fairs and earth day celebrations to prove that city living doesn't have to be "detached."
There are as many different ways to green as there are people to garden. My way is unobtrusive an dual purpose. Actually, make that multi purpose.

I keep my plants on the edge of our little concrete square: the edge of our "personal outdoor space" which also houses a very small kiddie pool and my clothesline. This way, I can open our sliding door and little berry can go in and out. She can't get into the grass because it's blocked by my 'garden.' this isn't me being mean but realistic. If I'm cleaning inside and she wants to be outside she can. She knows exactly what her boundaries are when she's outside without me (and I'm always keeping an eye out, just not holding her hand) and she doesn't step in dog poo or go wandering.
She gets to enjoy watching our garden grow (she keeps plucking mint leaves and not ripe strawberries and bringing them to me to share) an the things that come with it: ants, caterpillars, butterflies, even bees. We have a few lizzards out there as well that she just loves watching.
We've seen quite a few honey bees which makes me so happy.

usually, she gets to water the plants. She could do that all day long. It's fun to her and helps her develop those motor skills and the plants get a little water in the process.

I started grabbing plants early this season and starting seeds but around here, plants are a low as .25 cents each, and when your garden is as small as mine, this is plenty affordable. I do compost a little: fruit pieces and bread crusts get tucked in the middle of my buckets.

I'm under no illusion that these pots are big enough for long term gardening. I just haven't found a good alternative yet- hopefully that will be either a real garden to transplant them into or I will find several large wooden containers on craigslist again as I have in the past.

Currently my garden looks pretty silly. But I'm loving it. If it yields just one edible tomato, I'll
Be happy.
- mamma pie