What's on your plate this summer, mate?

(baked artichokes instead of chips with fresh salsa)

I was talking about grocery shopping with some friends recently. Around here, we spend around $125 a week on groceries. Yes we coupon.
At least $60 of this is going to produce each week. Then dairy (cheese! Milk! Yogurt! Kefir! Local fresh eggs!) and bread and tofu/ice cream/other random groceries such as couscous or maple syrup!
It got me thinking about how much fresh food we eat (comparatively speaking) and I thought I'd ask as well as share in hopes of picking up some new ideas (because I'd honestly rather spend less but not get less quality and fresh food, and I think if I learned more fresh food recipes then my prepackaged (I.e. Veggie burgers) meals would be even more reduced. Here is what we buy most weeks in the summer (and all from the farmer's market) that is fresh::
Eggplants 2-3 large
Yellow squash 7ish
Artichokes 4-6
Onions (green/red) lots
Tomatoes 4-6
Aparagus 1 large bunch
Mangoes 6
Strawberries 1pint-1quart
Blueberries 1pint-as much as a gallon
Peaches 5-6
Apples 1-3
Corn 9cobs
Bananas 1large bunch
Pineapple occasionally
Lettuce red/purple lettuce and spinach both
Bell peppers red/green 5-6
Watermelon 1-2
Lemons 9ish
Garlic of course
Avacadoes 2-3
And I think thats it. So tell me- what would you make with those veggies and maybe just one or two other ingredients? I want to make the most out of our summer meals and we really love food, so please share!

- mamma pie

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  1. Fav Summer Dish that I could eat EVERYDAY:
    3-4 yellow squash or zucchini or both
    1 large sweet onion
    1 large tomato (more if you really like tomatoes!)
    Italian Herbs/Seasoning (optional)
    Parm, manchego, or another hard/nutty cheese

    Carmelize your onion in a skillet with a bit of olive oil and a dash of sugar (~10min). Add diced squash and tomato, garlic (and dry seasoning if using), and cook with lid on, on med heat until squash is done. Remove lid and cook away the rest of liquid (add fresh herbs now if using). Season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with cheese. LOVE IT! (I'll even serve this over pasta with an extra drizzle of olive oil, or with quinoa ;)


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