Working Mama

The reason I've been away so much lately? I have a job. I'm nannying part-full time for a family who share many of my own views about parenting (not "child rearing," because I don't think children need to be "reared.")
They're very nice, their daughter is a joy. I don't love working, I won't lie to you about that.
It's hard. My girl gets a bit jealous, she is a copycat of the finest sort, picking up the few things I'd rather she didn't notice. Their girl can be a bit bossy to Little berry, and naptime is a killer.
In many ways it feels like having another kid. It makes me not want anymore to be precise. The rivalry, attention seeking behaviors, and the balancing act of handling two is more than I want.
I know many women with more than one child and while I don't think they regret it, I do see that they seem to be able to balance things much better than myself.
And I think I would regret having two or more. I need more than two hands for my one kid as it is.
- mamma pie


  1. I'm sure it would be different if you have 9 months to prepare for another child and it be younger not older. You are a fantastic mother and awesome auntie so I know you will be fabulous at your new job. Little Berry will adjust in due time as will you.

    Miss you and Love you LOADS!

  2. You handled my two just fine...
    But yes, there is something to be said for spending time with each of them. I have started putting my two down seperately and bathing them seperately now that Cole takes big boy showers! It was so much fun to hang with Pierce tonight, alone, even for 30 minutes. He was just chatting me up and laughing away. It was so wonderful to see his personality not being overshadowed by his brothers. But just ask Rutland, who thought his heart would never be big enough to share the love he had for Cole, our hearts are endless. And you do what feels right, when it feels right and your heart will be full.


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