What I keep

I've been doing a lot of deep cleaning lately. In preparation for an eventual move and the knowledge that a lot of what we have in our home we don't need, I am scaling back, freecycling, goodwilling and selling things that are worth my energy to even TRY selling. We have so much baby stuff, we were extraordinarily blessed when I was pregnant. Everything we needed we got, mostly as gifts but a few items, like my $300 breastpump, we bought ourselves. In the process, I'm noticing the sweetest things we own. A box of love letters

collecting dust on our cheap Ikea bookshelf, a vintage wind up radio

Little berry's beautiful book

collection, a vintage ride on horse

and Pappa starbuck's old Teddy bear bank. These things, sweetened by my sentiments and the knowledge that they can't be bought at anyoldmart, are the things I keep. The rest I am happy to pass on to anyone who needs them because in their place I'll get more room to love on my girl, a place to put fresh flowers, a chance to see my girl's pretty handmade dresses, and a better view of the two smiling faces I love the most.

- mamma pie


  1. Oh wow I'm doing the same thing right now. I'm literally making lists of the things I want in the new place, and trying to figure out what to do with the things I don't! It's amazing how much stuff we collect. :(


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