What you can buy for $38

We were at the thrift store this weekend, and in the back of the store without a ticket was this three piece wooden kitchen set. I picked out some other items-
some very sweet vintage books for Little Berry,

some sweaters for $.50 each for my girl,

some super dear fabric for baby skirts (or for my stash of hoarded super cute fabrics, I'n not sure which yet) a coffee carafe for a lady I follow on Twitter who had broken hers minutes before I walked into the store, And these:

I have been on the lookout for Mary Jane's for quite some time, just so I can look up the company and order myself a pair. These are too big for my girl just yet, but you can be sure I will hang onto them until she can fit them. I also found these very pretty vintage doves
which were in the Christmas ornament section for %75 off (I paid $1.50 for all of them) and I think they're very Valentines-ey.
Here's my last purchase: a vintage Vera scarf that I will probably sell for around $20 on Etsy (definitely worth the trip, right?)

I left the store happy about my finds and also a bit sad inside because I had just that morning decided I wanted a wooden kitchen playset for Little Berry. I saw this one and it set me thinking how much Little Berry would love one herself.
After we had lunch and went grocery shopping, it was still nagging me. So I picked up the phone and called the store. After several attempts to explain what I wanted, I was told it was still there. No one had bought it, though they had I suppose removed the ticket and changed their mind. I'm not sure what company this one is made by, but I convinced Papa Starbucks to haul us back to the Salvation Army, getting there right as they're trying to close. It's priced $40 for three pieces- not unreasonable since they usually retail for $150 per piece. Previous owners had painted it a *hideous* navy blue, over the original exposed wood. This has me a little bummed out, and the tin pan that serves as the sink basin is rusty. I approach the manager on duty and he says he will sell it to us for $30. SOLD. So sold, so fast.

Right now, it's in the middle of being primed and painted a pretty clean white. It will get little shelf linings and some apron hooks and I'm stalking stores wanting so badly to buy up little wooden fruits and veggies like these and keep telling Pappa Starbucks (who thinks this whole thing is ridiculous, frankly) that we should go to Ikea, where they have metal pots and pan sets, just right for our little kitchen. I'm cutting down on plastic toys and that makes these situations a little trickier, because it would be easy-peasy to grab a toy plastic shopping cart at Target and some plastic play food...instead I'm going to dig out the felt and try my hand at making some myself, and drool over this, and these and this and wish that I could crochet these myself . This is bad, really. Someone needs to turn my internet off!


  1. Wow! I love the red birds. So cool. I also love the orange scarf. The color is perfect for the fashions of today. Good finds!


  2. Little Berry looks so very interested in this project.

  3. After you have primed the set and painted it the color you choose you could put another color for trim around it. It looks handmade to me. Even better!

  4. If anyone can make things to compliment Little Berry's new kitchen it is definitely you! She looks like she is really enjoying it.


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