Helping Haiti

For many of us, it is difficult to fathom the tragedy of living in poverty and the despairing conditions that face the people of Haiti on a daily basis. Right now, however, we need to reach out and help in any way we can. Understand this: each of us DOES have the power to help. By virtue of being untouched by the disaster, we are also in a position to affect the people who are on the ground working night and day just to save lives. We have the power to reach out to our networks of people and help support the organizations that are there fighting to pull people from the rubble and provide food/water/shelter/medical support. It seems the greatest current need is money. Money to buy diesel, water, money to get children and injured persons out.

Here is what I am proposing: Each of us has the power of our networks and I don’t know one single person who cannot spare $1. I am asking you to go to Real Hope For Haiti and donate $1 via the paypal button. This organization is helping with injuries, children, and running low on critical supplies. On an average day, their positive outreach is greater than anything I’ve ever exacted in my life. Please help them. If, once you get there, you feel compelled to give more than $1, I commend you. But I am asking you to give at least $1. And then to tag 10 (or more) people and ask them to do the same. Let’s pour their account full. Let’s make money not be an obstacle to saving lives.Reach out to your twitter followers, your facebook friends, your neighbor, your address book.

Please go. give. And ask your friends to do the same. I am working on setting up a ticker so that we can track this. Please leave a comment if you have donated, please please tag others to do the same. If ten of us can get ten more people to ask ten more people…we can exact real change quickly. If you’re sitting there thinking “I don’t want to go get my wallet” then SHAME ON YOU. You're as bad as those who don't care. That’s all I have to say.
Get up, and give!

Please let’s meet their needs.


Spill it!