What's the deal with hauling things around and putting
them in the same spot when you move? Tradition
around here dictates a refrigerator box: it's filled with magnets, photos, cards we got on birthdays past, receipts for appliances, even magnets for restaurants and hotels and doctors offices, delivery menus and emergency numbers that are long since far away.
My favorite forever has been a copy of a recipe for banana bread that I craved intensely when I was pregnant and would make about three loaves of it each week. It is my SIL's recipe and I swear by it.
This time when we moved, I couldn't find it. It was no where, just gone. I've asked her for the recipe probably twice now and I KNOW I have it somewhere...but it isn't where it always was...and now I am banana breadless.

So, do you have a good banana bread recipe? Perhaps it's time to try a new one...

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