Little one

Today is a big day for us: little berry is one today.
This time last year we had been waiting for days and finally,
after employing every trick in
the book, we were on our way to the birthing center and ever-capable
hands of a caring midwife. Between you and I; it was the walking that did it.
We were walking and laughing still, Breathing through contractions and
I had 'crazy' by seal playing o er and over on my iPod.
That song was my birthing partner, my breathing pattern, my calm.
My midwife was tying a sheet around me, shifting her because she
was turned backwards, measuring time in centimeters and Oh! The showers saved my life.
I have, yet, incredible and pungent memories of labor, the hours
before this year began, and I am so happy to have what I do:
a bright, sweet, lovely daughter. To be her mother.

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