Logging in

I just spent way too much time trying to log into this blog from my iPhone during
an hour that was a rare gem called the afternoon nap
and which is nearing it's end-
I am betting there's an app for that.
These days have changed and our plans, too: we were figuratively
"homeless" and literally jobless but under the gracious hand of some good people
and they "kept" us until we found a new path.
We are now unpacking boxes and watching the ink dry on a new apt
lease, holding our breath as the babe dashes at the stairs
her first birthday is tomorrow.
Am I terrible for only remembering her birth
right now?
This time last year we were walking the mall, over and over, running errands and wondering when the wee one would come. This time tomorrow I was holding my brand new daughter as her face shone against the newness of a big, big world. We've come so far since then, and she is so much more my little girl but my love
for her has only multiplied.
She's beautiful, perfect, and she's my daughter. Motherhood agrees well with me, Little Berry.

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