Lucky's bakehouse

There's this super sweet brand new bakery called Lucky's Bakehouse in Boulder that we've got quite a sweet spot for.
We've popped over a few times now and each time they seem to have more+more lovely treats.
And delicious ones too. They also offer GF goodies- including some really yummy cupcakes& cookies, they have Gelato, and marshmallows, and coffee.

The decor is simple but pretty, and Little Berry loves their colorful chairs. They have outdoor seating for the warmer days, and operate in what appears to be a converted garage, complete with garage door that opens into the store making it an indoor/outdoor space when the weather is nice. If you're over that way definitely check them out!
We recommend: the salted caramel brownie pie, the Chocolate Mint Pudding (made with fresh mint), GF lemon bars, handmade marshmallows (nom) and the hand spun cotton candy (which they won't sell you but happily serve you a sample of)- and from the Gelato case, the Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk is divine.

Next door to Lucky's Bakehouse is the equally quaint Lucky's Market, where you can get your groceries, food from the deli, as well as buy local goodies if you are inclined. Both are very cute establishments and I promise you'll find yourself coming back again and again just because it's so pretty, the treats are tasty, and the groceries are convenient!

Lucky's Bakehouse is holding a fun Valentines Cookie Decorating Open House on February 10th from 2pm-4pm. The cost is $5/child for which they will receive 4 cookies (with option of Gluten Free) and can chose from available decorations to pretty up their 

You can follow Lucky's Bakehouse on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


  1. YUM! We LOVE Lucky's Bakehouse! Best GF treats in Boulder :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! We love it too. We should meet up there sometime!


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