Acorns are for the birds!

Earlier this week, little berry asked me to draw a beak and eyes on an acorn. I didn't really think much about it& told her I would do it later, and then today she asked again, so I did as she asked. Then I went about my day. A bit later, I came upon her playing with her acorn bowl at the nature table- actually it's bare besides the acorns she grabbed outside and a found feather for now.
It turns out she is pretending the acorns are birds- and the acorn caps are bird nests. Big acorns are the mommy&daddy birds, little acorns are baby birds. Some acorns are eggs. It seems to be arbitrarily decided.
I think this is a hilarious, creative, and super fun idea.
The birds love to fly around our apartment and I've seen a few in places I'm not particularly fond of (the refrigerator: "it's an egg, mama!") but it is harmless and she's having a great time so I can't complain.
What creative uses have you heard of for acorns?

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