Anticipating Halloween

I love Halloween. When I was little, we never celebrated it. But as a mom myself, I enjoy decorating for, preparing treats for, and especially, making costumes for Halloween. Little Berry wants to be a "Pirate Prarie Dog" this Halloween. I'm not sure how I'm pulling that one off yet, but I WILL try!
And I've been making costumes for my etsy shop-there are pirate costumes, dinosaur costumes, animal tails, and a very sweet fairy costume over there.
I love making costumes because they just *feel* magical somehow.
Last year we were all the Three Bears (that was really fun& memorable!) the year before that, we dressed up as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Little Berry was the CUTEST special agent ever.

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  1. We love Halloween here, too! I sometimes wonder if we end up spending more on Halloween stuff than Christmas presents, ha! I love the 3 bears idea! LOVE! We did characters from Wizard of Oz one year and superheroes last year, and then Ghostbusters (with my daughter as a glow in the dark slimer) the year before that.


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