Giveaway Winner!

I got a bit busy the past two days with orders in my shop, and am just now getting around to announcing the winner to the Doll Sling Giveaway. Sorry guys!! Since I don't have a fancy blog, I simply enlisted Little Berry to be my BEST HELPER!!
Little Berry was bored.
And then Little Berry did some fancy tosses....
And made some funny faces...
Help!! I'm trapped in a jar!
I then asked Little Berry to open the jar...
But what do you know?? Her stuffed pig just JUMPED IN!
Silly Pig!
Then Piggy got a turn riding in the fun jar...
But Piggy was getting a *wee* bit sick from all the shaking, so it was time to come out.
and she did.
I finally convinced Little Berry to draw a pretty piece of paper for me:
What does it say?
Look Mama! It's two silly J's! It says JJ!
So there you have it, number JJ, I mean, 11, you are the winner!!! Hobo Mama, I'll be emailing you today about your sling!.

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