Take my word for it

This morning, as Pappa Starbucks was walking out the door, he unplugged my iphone and handed it to me. I was standing in our kitchen and I turned it over in my palm and gave him a smooch goodbye. As he walked past me in the kitchen, his arm brushed my iphone out of my hand and it landed face down on our linoleum floor.
Little berry saw it on the floor and lit up. She loves the Peekaboo barn App and thought she was going to get a turn.
I quickly swooped down to pick it up. I've dropped it getting in the car before in the parking lot and thought "yikes! glad that wasn't on cement!" But I never put a cover on it because I love the sleek lightweight feel of it in m palm, the ease of carrying it in my pocket without a case.
The screen is glass, so all those cracks are slivers of glass waiting to cut your face, making flicking the screen nearly impossible. Go put a case on your iphone. Even pricey hardcover ones are cheaper than replacing it. A new screen is $79 and a new Iphone is about $100. A new iphone PLUS a new case is about $120. Even if you're terrible at math you can see that a new cover is your best option, just go do it. You can thank me later.


  1. Yikes girl that sucks. Glad you get your upgrade soon!

  2. OMG that photo HURTS me! I have a basic cover on my iphone from Otter and a basic thin cover on the screen. The boyfriend has the uber case from Otter so it can (and does) bounce off the floor just fine. Ugh I feel for you!


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