She's the sneeziest

Little berry has allergies. She's a red eyed, stuffy nosed, dark under eye circle-mouth-breathing mess. It's been this way on and off for most of the past three months. At first I though she had a ridiculous and persistent sinus infection, but now I'm more than certain. She's not sick but allergic. I'm frustrated by the lack of choices to help her. She still will not breathe through her nose while she nurses, something that has persisted over the past two months. TWO MONTHS of "latch on, suckle, unlatch, gasp for air, relatch..."
I've tried everything in the world. I've had help now from over fifty different people, I even requested a lovely lady to do Reiki to help her relax. But she's doing it out of self preservation. She just can't hardly breathe. I am disinclined to use a prescription for it not only because we've tried that with no relief (although I do recognize that we may have to try a new RX if I can't relieve her symptoms any other way). I don't want to medicate her if I don't know what's going on in her body. I am interested to know: what do you do to relieve a very young child's allergies naturally?


  1. Have you tried the nose suction thingy that gets all that snot out? Is she capable to blowing her nose yet?

    Poor Baby!

  2. I dunno. When we've had congestion from colds, we've used a saline solution squirter thing to shoot up their noses. This results in cleared noses and easy breathing - sometimes they've not been able to SLEEP from congestion, so this was like a miracle to us. Not sure of other homeopathic type stuff, though.

  3. sometimes adding a dehumidifyer in the room with some essential oil can help to break up congestion.
    saline solution is good too and though she may not prefer it....it can be very helpful about 5 min. before breastfeeding.
    and pray for rain. that always helps.


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