We went to the beach



We took a day-trip to the ocean. It was Little Berry's first time seeing the big waves, and as you can see from the photos,

She wasn't that crazy about it.

As long as she was facing away, she was fine- but I think the wind was a little too much.
It was nice for us though. I always find a trip to the ocean soothing, even if it's only for a

grand total of about fifteen minutes. Seriously, it was too chilly by the time we got there to stay any longer.


This last photo is my favorite. I just love how sweet she is. When her gums don't hurt and she isn't stuck in a car-seat, that is.

What relaxes you when you're stressed out?

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  1. Oh, it's still a bit too cold up here for the beach! I like to garden... that relaxes me.


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