Is it worth it?

Because we are always mostly unorganized and often strapped for time, I have a desperately hard time keeping on top of the laundry around here. It gets pretty bad, and I am almost certain that one day soon I will come home and it will be pouring out the doors and I'll have to wade through it the moment I pull up.
Okay, it's not THAT bad. After all, I do an excellent job at keeping things clean, but it's the folding and putting away that gets be better of me. Actually, just the putting away part, because I love to fold clothes, and I am very systematic about it. I have a particular way to fold each and every piece of laundry, but it sometimes doesn't get put away. So we'll have piles and stacks and baskets of clean clothes and the dressers will be empty.
I could just say that I like to look at clean, folded laundry and leave it at that, but there's really more to it than this. It takes more energy to walk around putting clothing away than to leave it, stacked 'neatly.' This usually results in a mad dash to clean up living room with its stacks and baskets and piles of fresh smelling lovely clothes before guests arrive, which is VERY exhausting. But if someone were to see all that, what would they think of me? It surely couldn't be good.
Because I want to be a stay at home mom (and am not one yet) I feel like I need to perform really excellently now. I need to campaign for clean laundry and champion for fresh scented babies and make sure dinner is excellent, so that Pappa Starbucks will want me here, want me to stick around the home and be proud of what I do.
Problem is, I also have school and a baby who never gets full and ..even I am too smart to keep listing things here because it is a never ending list.
What I am getting to is this:
We're trying to transition to cloth diapers. It was/ is my idea. I want it desperately, and I can't pin my finger on exactly why. I know it is way more cost effective and environmentally friendly, etc. But I don't know why I want it SO BADLY. I think part of it is the absolute cuteness of a cloth diaper bum on my teeny girl, and the other part is it makes me feel like I am achieving something.
However, with these endless piles of laundry, they keep getting lost. This is frustrating because we're short on space anyway and I don't have room for a storage unit just for diapers. We didn't buy that many (we have 6 of the really good ones, 2 of another, not so great brand) and basically there are always some in the wash.
Am I biting off more than I, we, as a family, can chew?
It seems like this might be my 'Achilles' heel.'

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