Library Find: The Quiet Book

The Quiet Book by
Deborah Underwood& illustrated by Reynata Liwska is one of the the prettiest books for young readers I've seen in a while. We picked up The Christmas Quiet Book over Christmas (also by Deborah Underwood) and loved it just as much. The story is simply that of different kinds of being quiet: quiet while reading, or listening to music, or being curious.
The cute little animals, the whimsical accessories in their homes (really, how sweet is that cradle?) and the wee woodland elements (squee! Mushrooms!) make it fun to look at all the way through.
The only part that I'm not 100% happy about is the sad little animals in some of them- being quiet because they were "naughty" for example. It makes my very emotional youngster super worried for them as she doesn't like seeing anyone be sad.


  1. We love the winter quiet book as well. It's illustrations are very cute.

  2. That tiny cradle is so dear!


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