First Snow

Did I mention that it snowed??
Here in Colorado, winters are much different than in good ol' Charlotte NC.
It turns out that here, winter starts in early October. Just when fall is really going strong where I'm from!
So last week, I woke up at 3AM to walk the puppy.
I stumbled out of bed to her persistent whimpering that translates roughly into *i need to go outside right now, or imma set fire to the rain all over your floor, fool!*

I had on pajamas.
I grabbed my keys.
I was barefoot.
So I grabbed her leash.
Then stepped outside,
and boy was I ever surprised!
It was white everywhere. Snow was blowing in my face, my ears immediately tried to freeze off my face. My toes tried to jump into my pockets. My fingers felt like ice cubes.
I was COLD y'all. I need to invest in some wool pajamas or something because this place doesn't play around!
I think in all it snowed maybe half an inch- enough to shut down Charlotte for 5days. Not so here-people didn't even flinch. I've been told this is a *skiff.*
This is what was left when I finally got Little Berry up hours later, dressed& breakfasted. Then&only then did I point her to a window to look out! Hah.

So that's it. Our first real Colorado Snow.

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  1. I can't believe it's snowing for you already! I live 2 hours from Charlotte so I know what you mean about it still just being fallish here. :)


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