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I know most of my readers are like-minded mamas who practice AP or cloth diapering and most likely are interested in supporting breastfeeding even beyond infancy. There is an exciting Carnival of Nursing in Public approaching soon. It's being hosted by Code Name Mama and Baby Dust Diaries. The deadline for submitting your posts, pictures, poems, artwork etc is approaching soon and I would personally encourage each of you to submit a piece. The object of this carnival is to push towards the normalization of breastfeeding, something I think we all support.
And there are prizes. I hear that ERGO baby is donating an Ergo carrier to one participant!

One other thing- you should share this carnival news on your blog and grab the sweet button too so more people participate and voice their support. Nursing Mamas need all the support they can get!

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  1. Thank you for spreading the word!! Looking forward to your post(s?)!


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