I wish I were a different kind of thin

It had to happen eventually. Today, Little berry is twenty months and three days old (young) and I am worn thin. She.is.in.to.everything.
She found an old yogurt raisin in some cranny she'd hidden it in last week (oh let be honest, I don't know when she hid it) and stuck it in her diaper, then tried to dig it out. I noticed just in time that she had pooped...
She mocked me while I did crunches and half hearted yoga poses: "huff huff huff (giggle) ahuff huff (collapsing in giggles)" all while poking a Dora the explorer bubble wand in my belly button calling it a boobie. At least she didn't call me fat.
She unfolded all the towells and spilled a liter of sugar water I'd made so we could have lemonade tonight, tried to climb in the fireplace and turned her nose up at all her breakfast, tore up my favorite copy of DOMINO while I loaded the dishes and tried to let a bee in the back door while I vacuumed. I'm trying very hard to be patient but I think- and this is just an idea, that today might be best spent OUTSIDE where there is no simple syrup to spill, dishes to break, bees are already "in"...no yogurt raisins to find and hide in her diaper and at the very worse she will find some lost Easter eggs.
So tell me faithful readers, what do you do on those days that you wish you'd stayed in bed?

or to put it another way, when you feel like you have two left feet, which way do you go?

- mamma pie


  1. I was linked here by Maggie's Soap Nuts for your awesome review of their products (I'm doing a giveaway soon) and I've really enjoyed having a look at your blog and wanted to say hi!

    This entry made me laugh so hard... not at you, but because it's exactly how I feel so often, and mine's not even 13 months yet. (We spent the morning wandering around the neighborhood as I'd gotten locked out of the house without my keys and couldn't get to work... and he spent most of the time either babbling and waving at everyone unlucky enough to be outside at 7:45am, or trying to dive down my shirt while repeating "NanananaNOM, NanananaNOM". I imagine my neighbors thought we were both insane.)

    Anyhow, hi! :)

  2. We play outside or watch a movie on days like that. Some days I say, "Caitlyn go play your violin." cause that is something she likes and it gets her out of my hair and over her attitude. You just have to love them through it and don't pull your hair out in the process. Some days the dishes won't get done, the towels won't get folded, and the floors won't get vaccummed, but I didn't kill my kids, so all is well on the home front!

    Love ya!

  3. Send them to grandma!

  4. What a sweet post, I can just see her following you around. Trying to understand your peculiar world that she has so recently come to, and thinking you are playing some kind of new game when you are doing yoga. Love it. Mnt4life

  5. Well, I just have to let you all know that reading your posts, sharing in the world of Motherhood is pure joy!
    Blessings to you and yours!


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