Petite Picasso

Little Berry loves to color or "coror!" as she says- And we've put a good amount of money into buying her art supplies because if she's not given sufficient creative outlets, she colors on the walls. With her yogurt, her blueberries, a pilfered pen; anything. She has, among other things, a lovely easel from Ikea an this fabulous drawing board we recently bought-it basically consists of two colored pieces of fabric stretched onto a plastic drawing board. It resembles a magnadoodle, but it uses water filled pens. Which is great because it prevents stained faces/hands/carpet, and so far seems very durable.
Of course, that's not what this is about. This is about her consistent and deliberate art over the past week. Day after day she has bent fervently over sheets if paper and easel boards with crayons and pastels and paintbrushes clutched in her hand scrawling an image. The same one, over and over, different sizes, different colors and I could literally walk around our apartment and pick up fifty pages of these. It's a circle with a dot in the center, next to another circle with a dot in the center. Like this:

I thought she was trying to draw faces- she kept calling them "mamma" and eventually I asked her flat out: "what's that?"
It should be pretty obvious, but in case it's not, Little Berry will tell you she has learned how to
"coror boobies!!!"

- mamma pie


  1. Oh my.. i figured it out right away... they are the center of her existence... of course she would draw them.... I love it!

  2. This made me laugh so hard! I had to share it with the hubby.


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