The pay IS great!

It was icy cold and rainy here today, which on ordinary days makes for high doses of wound-up toddler energy and a lack of outdoor time to diffuse for her or refuel for me.

I generally expect anyday spent indoors to result in cranky outbursts from us all, as time outside makes us all feel better.
I noticed she seemed very sleepy through the day though and she took an epic nap in the late afternoon.
She stood at the window with me and pointed at rain droplets, tracing rivulets down the shivery-cold glass, murmuring about the "reen!" (rain) and "nose" (snow) that finally melted off the roof, she spent an hour scribbling over pictures that I hastily scrawled for her of dogs. While I folded laundry and stuffed her clean diapers, she 'read' all of her favorite books to me and then spent half an hour talking to a photo of her aunt, Pappa Starbuck's little Sister.

At lunch today as I sat her into her highchair, I kissed her yogurt-stained cheek and said
"I love you!"

She grabbed my face with one smooth palm all peppered over with dimpled fingers, placed it on my cheek and smiled back with an expression of complete glee and cognizance, then she said: "i-yuh-you!"

Might I just say, I love my job!

- mamma pie

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  1. Motherhood is the hardest yet most rewarding job ever! I wouldn't trade it for the world!

    Give Little Berry smooches for me!


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