A box of words

I'm giving up on fixing
My computer anytime reasonably soon. Pappa Starbucks has been working more than usual thus week because two weeks off for Christmas wasn't enough for the kindergarten of the girl he nannies, they had extra days this week too. I actually can understand why. Most people had busy holidays and children get shuffled from here to there and back again. Add In all the excitement, the being cooped up, the new toys and the sugary foods..Christmas should be a month long, not just a day. So let's recap, shall we? Our holidaze were calm, although we had colds.

I finally tried my hand at candying orange peels in an attempt to use the whole thing. It was super easy. Unfortunately, I made another batch with organic sugar and they were really not very pretty.

I made this dear little dolly....

And I made some amazing Ginger syrup which we consumed like nobodys business with a litre of seltzer water and some ice...

It was so. So. Good!

Little berry had a lollipop for the first time since our trip to Europe-

She thought it was grand

Washed it down with some broccoli (which she loves just as much as the lollipop I do believe)

And a trip to the pet store to follow people around and try to play with their puppies. And make bird faces at this pretty yellow parrot.

And this- this is a box of loveletters. I pulled them out the other day and as often happens I am surprised at all the things I see. They were exchanged between pappa starbucks and I before we were pappa starbucks and mamma pie. Before there was a little berry. Sometimes it's nice to remember those days of self centeredness, of believing in something purely because it was yours and made you happy.

Mementos of a time spent trying to express oneself through words on paper, of trying to condense a feeling into a letter. It parallels childhood: pure, selfish adoration and total beleif in something without the need for logic or reason. It's amazing to look at these, and I'm sure they will be treasured for years, though we didn't create them with an intention to preserve the paper, but to assuage the heart.

Hope your holidays
Were bright.
Happy new year!

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  1. You truly seem to have a wonderful life. Glad all the colds have subsided, and that you are still able to look back on the new relationship (oddly enough, i do believe that was when you also met me!) Wow, you do have a LOT of great memories. I do too. Glad I knocked on your door against Travis' will! (hahah remember that?! "Travis who is this? She she gonna bite me?") Silly times. Stealing Emily's towel from the shower and putting it on the sink while she cursed at the empty bathroom at me. Good times. Well, I wish I could see you but you still have a passport right? Why not just come see me? I mean I will have a place for you to stay, I can cook, and you can have flashbacks of when you were there. Of course Little Berry can come too. This might have have to be a girls thing...sorry Starbucks! (Kidding, of course about that last sentence)


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