We got snow flurries today. I guess they don't exactly count. Little berry loved them, staring out the window squealing about the "rain!" which is exactly what it turned to. We did Christmas cards last week with her in front of the tree:

Gave her a candy cane and a hat and she really loved it~

She loves the tree. After these pictures were taken she started trying to pull everything off the tree because she's now convinced it's candy.


  1. What a sweetie pie! My mom made my sister a dress just like that when she was little. She still complains about how itchy it was! Good memories for us...and you!

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Oh no! I put her in a potentially itchy dress!
    Haha...I guess she didn't care too badly...that candy cane pretty much rocked her day!

  3. I loved the card! It is hanging on my fridge like a proudy Auntie would do! I love Little Berry!

  4. Thanks Nichole! I'm glad you guys got a card at all. I put Pappa Starbucks in charge of those this year. heh.


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