8 months

Little Berry will be 8 months on the 4th of April. She crawls like a bandit, she's been pulling up for well over a month now, and she is the noisiest person here. It seems so sudden- perhaps because I've ranged from spending my time crazy-busy to suddenly wondering where we will be in two months. We've no idea what job Pappa Starbucks will get, much less accept. At least there are three in the works, so hopefully one of those will come through at this point. I know it's more than so many people have hope for right now, but it doesn't seem like much. Teach For America placed him on a waitlist, and we've heard many, many horror stories of people waiting months and months to only be told that there's nothing for them. He interviewed for a job in the state government, which oddly enough he may have a flying chance at getting because he's been there so long working, volunteering and interning, that everyone knows him. This is my favorite choice, his favorite choice- but we're not counting on it. The other job pays least of all and is only a one year contract. It's a good job, but not really what we had in mind and it would really do damage to our budget. Thankfully we have very few student loans because of our high amount of scholarships, and so those won't be draining us too much. I say that like they really won't be draining us- but they will. Just not too too terribly badly. Of course, this is before we've started paying them, too!
There is only about a month left for us in school, and as frightening as it is to graduate right now we will manage somehow. Our well-planned lease on this apartment is up on May 1st, and since we don't know where we're going to be, where he will be working- we can't move into another one, sign a new lease, etc. So we're forced to pour our savings into an unwise direction: staying in a hotel for about four weeks during exams and moving all of our earthly possessions into a storage unit.
It's going to be a very difficult ride for a while, and I am truly dreading the scary scenarios that may come our way, and am really starting to blame our timing.

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