Eat that yogurt!

I've considered myself to be selectively active in causes that matter to me. And cancer, not just breast cancer, has always scared the bejeesus out of me made me want to be involved. While I was pregnant with Cuppycake, I took a summer course here with a young lady I also went to high school with back when. She had been ill for a while, when they finally realized she had stage 2 liver cancer. She was 21, and she's still getting treated. It's grueling for me to see her going through this, and I admit I probably treat her a bit fragilely, but this post is both my reminder to you all to go get that mammogram, and to save those lids.
Now, I've always saved my yoplait lids.
BUT I have not. ever. sent. them. in.
I actually have an envelope full of them, that I thought I would save up and send from last November, but it turns out, they don't take old ones. I thought they were all the same, but a quick google search says I am WRONG. Basically, only the lids from this period are acceptable, and if they have large tears they won't count. Another very interesting thing I learned is that there are teams (((TEAMS!! YAY!))) for collecting these, and there's probably one in your area. My University actually sponsors a drop box for the lids, which actually makes me much more likely to take them in, because for some reason, eating yogurt is way more fun on campus. I know that many colleges, (as well as cancer hospitals, grocery stores, and dental offices) have one of these boxes.
And because my friend is going through chemotherapy treatments, I wanted to do something special for her as well, even though it's a different type of cancer. I made several of these "warms" to keep her cozy in those otherwise dreary hospital rooms.

Coming soon:my first tutorial, if blogger doesn't eat my photos!

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